The best-built custom homes and remodels start with a professional builder, a talented architect, and an interior designer. A properly assembled team will allow for proper collaboration and the best end result as we all have difference strengths to bring to the table.

Our clients who have the most beautiful and functional homes will bring us into the process prior to their project breaking ground or the start of their remodel. This allows us to start with your vision from the very beginning, from selecting the perfect flooring all the way through to the last piece of art being hung on the wall.

We like to be involved in the beginning of this process because our specialty is creating custom designs inspired by you. If you are reviewing the sites of design firms you will often times notice that designers will indicate in their messaging that they listen to your needs, and yet their portfolio reflects the same style of room over and over. You will notice right away when looking through our Gallery that each interior we create is different from the next, and this is because we do what our message indicates and not only listen to what you want but create it as well.

Prior to making any building material selections, we will ask you to complete an extensive initial questionnaire. This in-depth lifestyle questionnaire dives into everything from how many children and pets you have, to what colors you like and dislike. we will also ask that you send us images of spaces that you love. Your designer will be able to review all of this information so that when you have your first meeting, your designer can discuss your completed questionnaire with you face-to-face, introduce you to the firm's staff, and review our proprietary systems that make our firm not only one of the most creative, award-winning firms in Austin, but also one of the most efficient with implementation.


Our firm will schedule a complimentary phone consultation with our designer to get to know you and become familiar with your project. Then, we’ll provide a custom scope of work to estimate each detail of your project, including the initial on-site visit.

Upon approval of your scope of work, we will schedule showroom appointments to select all hard selections, send appointment reminders, and handle rescheduling if needed. Our designer will work closely with you and your builder to ensure the overall budget and final design of your project remains intact.

Once all selections have been made, we will provide you and your builder with a Construction Finish-Out Schedule, which organizes all construction selections for the project into one full color and easily accessible document. Our strong organizational skills and customer service focus allow us to reduce stress for you and your builder during the entire construction selection process. Our firm also offers additional services that may aid in the construction selection process. See a complete list of our construction & remodeling services here.

Working with our firm allows you to seamlessly transition from construction selections to the interior design of your new home. Once your builder has begun work on your project, it will be time to start thinking about window treatments and furnishings so that delivery and installation appointments of your final products can be coordinated as closely as possible with your closing date. During this phase of your project, Robin will take care of making all of your selections and then present them to you along with a space planning diagram of each room. Handling this portion of your project in this manner rather than visiting showrooms as with your construction selections allows us to not only be more efficient with design time, but also results in more exclusive, hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind pieces. There are vastly more options to choose from when it comes to interiors than with construction materials, and we have hundreds of preferred vendors that we work with directly to make sure that we design your space unique to you. To read about our design process more in detail, please click here.